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Zeiss Compact 10X30 Binoculars - Compact But Mighty

Everyone wants a binocular that is easy to carry around, weighs little and at the same time, doesn’t sacrifice binocularity to achieve this. That’s why Zeiss came out with Zeiss compact 10X30 binoculars.

The Zeiss compact 10X30 binocular weighs in at a cool 15.8 ounces. This super Zeiss binocular can magnify images up to 10X, and are waterproof.

The Zeiss 10X30 binocular is hinged in the middle, so that you can quickly and easily fold them up and put them away. No fuss, no muss.

Because of their excellent magnification potential, you’ll probably never need another binocular after you’ve purchased the Zeiss compact.

By looking up compact binocular reviews and digital camera binocular reviews, you’ll quickly see that Zeiss is one of the most trusted and well known names in the binocular industry. Zeiss is a world leader in quality optical devices, which can suit a variety of needs. A Zeiss binoculars are great for hunting, bird watching or watching your favourite sports team in action.

The compact 10X30 is coated in rubber armour for protection and for a comfortable grip. They are tightly made, and finely crafted.

These binoculars may be compact, but don’t think for a moment that they suffer in the optics and binocularity departments. With their multi-coated lenses and Pechan-type prisms, these mighty compact binoculars will challenge their larger cousins in any department.

Of course when you decide to buy a Zeiss, you also decide to choose quality and superior customer service. Pick up your compact binocular today.



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