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Zeiss Classic Binoculars - Classy Classics

Zeiss Classic binoculars are very expensive. These top of the line binoculars can range anywhere from six hundred dollars to twelve hundred dollars.

Like the Zeiss Conquest binoculars and the Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars, the Zeiss Classic binocular series is some of the best binoculars on the market today. Their price tag can be intimidating, but the quality is what sets them apart from cheaper makes.

The cheapest pair of Classics available is the 8X30. These Classic binoculars come with a magnification level of eight, weigh in at twenty ounces and are a completely waterproof binocular. They are hinged in the middle for easy folding and are a great pair of binoculars for the avid hunter.

The Classic 8X56B binocular is the priciest of the Classic line. These binoculars have a magnification power of eight, are much longer and bulkier than the Classic 8X30 and weigh in at 2.25 pounds. They have superior optics and clarity, and are waterproof. They have multi coated lenses and are ideal in low light conditions. The Classic 8X56B also feature high eye point eyepieces and center focusing.

The Conquest 8X56B is known throughout the world as a superior make of binocular. They are great  hunting binocular, because of their low light capabilities and nature enthusiasts worldwide love them.

If you’re looking for excellent and unmatched binocularity and optical brilliance, the Zeiss Classic series is where you want to start your hunt.

Don’t let the world pass you by, pick up a Zeiss Classic today!



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