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Wind River Binoculars - Make Birding A Breeze

For the keen hunter or birder seeking the very best in high optical quality and value, there really is no better choice than a pair of Wind River binoculars.

Exceptional Performance Guaranteed

Whether you are a hunter or birder, prefer woods, streams or wilderness – a good Wind River binocular will offer a solution to your optical needs at a fraction of the price of some of the leading brands, but with no compromise on quality. These binoculars also available as zoom binoculars will provide superior optical resolution and great performance.

Designed and engineered in Oregon using nearly one hundred years of experience in producing quality optical equipment and all featuring the pioneering waterproofing methods guaranteeing that whichever model of binoculars you should choose, they will remain 100 percent waterproof and fog proof; even if they should be accidentally submerged in a stream or river.

The optical clarity and colour fidelity of these binoculars are also ultra enhanced with lens surfaces specially treated and multicoated for increased light transmission and prism options. These binoculars also include phase coated silver or aluminium enhanced varieties meaning you can be certain they will perform at excellent standards for your binocular needs all day long – even at dawn or dusk.

Wind Rivers are available in a range of comfort style options and finishes including the Leupold wind river roof prism 10x50 binoculars. Binoculars with a shock-absorbing rubber armour coating designed for use in the most rugged of terrain, to fully camouflaged, extra powerful or compact models and ergonomically designed options that provide a comfortable fit for even those with the smallest hands. Leupold’s Wind Rivers really does have something to suit everyone’s binocular needs – and all with a lifetime warranty.



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