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Waterproof Binoculars - Ideal for the Marine Enthusiast

As many an avid sailor will know, accidents at sea, from ‘Man overboard’ to 'oops... there go the binoculars my wife bought me for our anniversary…'can, and often do happen. Choosing the correct set of marine binoculars not only offers the magnified view that will help you spot a friend who has decided to take an unscheduled dip; but will ensure a high level of quality for years to come. Choosing the most efficient set of waterproof binoculars will also mean that if the binoculars themselves are retrieved from the water, they will still function to the high standards you have come to expect from all your maritime equipment.

Reliable Performance in Rain, Fog or Snow

These days, advances in binocular technology means that not only do you benefit form increased image stability and magnification, but also because they are water-resistant or waterproof. A waterproof binocular is able to work even after being fully submerged. Water-resistant binoculars will resist water for some time unless submerged in very deep water.

Many makes also feature models with built in buoyancy, meaning that should the worst happen and they fall into deep water rather than a shallow stream they will simply float on the surface, meaning that these binoculars are as convenient for use when deep sea fishing as they are when river fishing in the wilderness.

Water-tight binoculars are often hermetically O-ring sealed and purged with nitrogen, meaning that they are not just water-resistant but also impervious to changes in atmospheric temperature. This will ensure that the magnified image you see through your binoculars will not be affected by the clouding of the magnification lens, resulting in a clear, sharp image, no matter what the circumstances.

Many marine binoculars also come with shock absorbing rubber armour, which not only helps to deflect the danger of salt erosion but also protects the binoculars from damage when accidentally dropped. In addition to this coating, many makes of binoculars also include an easy grip feature to ensure a firmer hold on the binoculars so that an unexpected swell will not cause you to lose this vital piece of marine equipment.



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