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Vivitar Binoculars - For the Best Optical Performance

The optical performance of a binocular is the outcome of so many factors that it is nearly impossible to find out one binocular brand with all the possible virtues. With the Vivitar binoculars, however, you are sure to meet with most of your expectations.

The trick to choosing the right kind of binocular is to make a compromise on some ground of preference - for more magnified views, you have to compromise with the field of view. In case of a Vivitar binocular, the specification is so efficiently charted out that you can make an informed decision without making mistakes about what you really want or what you are ready to sacrifice in your dream binocular.

Here is an overview of the most popular Vivitar lines according to the binoculars sale indication.

Vivitar 10X28 Series 1 Binoculars:
Made up of premium quality materials, this range of binoculars make longer viewing sessions more comfortable by reducing light refraction and flare. Equipped with a reliable center-wheel focus design with separate ocular adjustment, this binocular from Vivitar compensates vision differences between the user's eyes.

Vivitar 8x22 Compact Porro Classic Series Binoculars:
In addition to the high optical performance, this series of binoculars is known for its extreme durability. The range is equipped with reliable center-wheel focusing design. The separate right ocular adjustment of this design compensates for vision differences between the user's eyes. Collapsible rubber eyecups provide extra comfort to those wearing eyeglasses. These binoculars from Vivitar come with a package of protective carrying pouch, neck strap and lens caps.

Vivitar 7x42 Hawkeye Rubber Armored Binoculars:
The unique feature of these binoculars is fully multicoated lenses. Along with higher resolution and brightness, it ensures increased light transmission and reduced flare.

Vivitar 8x26 PV Sport Binoculars:
Specially designed for sports and astronomy enthusiasts.  These sports and astronomy binoculars ensure edge-to-edge clarity and maximum light transmission, the optics at the same time reducing refraction and flare. Armed with rubber padding, these binoculars from Vivitar prevent shock damage and ensure a better grip in bad weathers.



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