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Swarovski Hunting Binoculars - To Hunt And Not Be Hunted

The journey of Swarovski Company, which began in the last decades of 19th century, gave birth to a new prism grinding system in binocular manufacturing. Again in November 1999, emerging as one of the first European companies to secure an ISO 9001: 2000 certificate, Swarovski hunting binoculars drew our attention to its commitments towards environment.

The Swarovski hunting binocular is known to offer all the essential features of an ideal binocular for a hunter. A general guideline for buying good hunting binoculars emphasizes the following optical features:
- 7x to 10x should be the limit of magnification
- 40 or 42mm objective size (sufficient for legal shooting hour)
- The binocular must essentially be waterproof
- The Swarovski binoculars are available in three consecutive series incorporating three different technologies. They are HABICHT, EL and SLC.

HABICHT hunting binoculars are founded on traditional style state-of-the-art optical technology offering wide field of view and bright images. A tough body makes these binoculars suitable for any challenging hunting situations.

The EL series binoculars are suitable for both day and dusk watching. The high-tech optical technology offers sharp images and reproduces the natural color. The wrap-around grip allows you to hold the binocular in one hand, leaving the other free for better employment.

The SLC binoculars by Swarovski Optik are 'hardy', 'ergonomic' and 'exceptionally versatile' and they are the most popular Swarovski hunting binoculars.

The hunting binoculars review rates the followings two Swarovski binoculars among the very best:
- Swarovski 10x50WB SLC Forest Green
- Swarovski 8x30WB SLC Binoculars 58126



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