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Steiner Rallye Binoculars - For Maximum Performance

Use these German made Steiner Rallye binoculars for maximum performance. If your want the toughest and the best weather resistant binoculars on the market today, than a Steiner Rallye binocular is for you. Steiner has been in the binocular business for over 55 years.

Rallye binoculars are very durable. They are made coated with rubber which acts as an armour and they are also a waterproof binocular. The rubber amour not only protects your binoculars for years of use, it makes for a comfortable feel so you can enjoy your binocular viewing for extended periods of time. Great for cleaning too! Your field of view is 300 ft at 1000 yards and has an eye relief of 17mm. Steiner Rallyes weigh in at 36 ounces. Rallye binoculars also come equipped with Sports Auto Focus, which means no more refocusing for different distances. You can view images from your binoculars 20 yards away to infinity without any adjustments. Your optic lenses in your binoculars will provide clear and sharp images.

Rallye binoculars are great for what ever your needs are. Whether it is spotting wildlife, boating, watching sporting events or any other viewing opportunities, Steiner binoculars will provide you with a great view. You can enjoy many hours of binocular viewing knowing that Steiner Rallyes will not let you down.

Do not forget to purchase some accessories for your Rallyes. You want to be able to use them for years to come. Cleaning kits are available for your optical lenses.
Carrying cases to protect your binoculars and lens covers that will protect the lenses from scratching. These binoculars are a good investment so make sure you take care of them.

Rallye binoculars from Steiner come with a 10 year limited warranty. All makes of Steiner binoculars are also guaranteed not to internally fog up.

Steiner hunting binoculars are another great binocular offered by Steiner and also camera binoculars are great for computer people that want to create digital pictures.



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