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Steiner Binoculars - Lightweight Durable And Tough To Beat

Steiner Binoculars are extremely lightweight, yet durable and tough to beat. The innovative design synergized with German-engineered optics, ensures a lifetime of dependable performance in binocularity. Whether you need a binocular for nature observation, spectator sports or for your camping trip, zero in on a Steiner binocular to magnify and catch the action as it happens.

Today, Steiner manufactures dependable binoculars in a great variety of sizes; magnifying powers and optic features for military and marine activities as well as for outdoor pursuits such as hunting, wild life observation and birding. 

- The Steiner 12x40 predator binoculars with neoteric lens coating augments contrast in camouflaged backgrounds so you can spot the fauna in the flora in a tick.
- The Steiner hunting binoculars (Nighthunter XP), constructed to U.S. military specification standards, is rugged binoculars that are especially fashioned to give you the best-magnified images in low-light situations.
- Big Horn binoculars with their lightweight design and high-power precision are appropriate for big-game hunters.
- Peregrine binoculars with their compact shape are an ideal pack-along on any trip, and allow you to penetrate darkness for edge-to-edge magnified sharpness.
- Senator high-powered binoculars and Merlin series binoculars are lightweight high performance binoculars for spotting wildlife and birds.
- The Military and Police series are designed to offer excellent performance and maximum user comfort during long hours of extended use.
- Waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant, the Navigator optical series is fitted with optical technology designed to deliver superb low light performance, as well as comfortable daytime viewing for maritime forays.
- Steiner's Safari series is designed to block UV light and cut the glare, to give the best in binocularity even on the sunniest of days.
- Astronomical binoculars from Steiner make "space watching" a fulfilling experience.



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