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Steiner 25x80 Observer Binocular Series Go The Distance


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Steiner 25x80 Binocular
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If you are an astronomy buff or you make frequent long distance observations right here on our planet, you will be interested in choosing a pair of binoculars from the Steiner 25x80 Observer Binocular series. Steiner is world famous for the manufacture and testing of binoculars that are both rugged and weather-proof with the finest precision optics. Especially if you enjoy observing the stars, but also if you are a bird watcher or a sports enthusiast, you will appreciate all the features that Steiner includes in its products.

Advantages of Steiner 25x80 Observer Binoculars
1. Fully multi-coated optics means the highest quality lenses.
2. BaK-4 prisms produce extra sharp details.
3. Distance viewing is great with a magnification 25 times what can be seen with the naked eye, and with 80 mm objective lenses that expose large amounts of light and a wide viewing range.
4. Wrap-around eyecups block out the sidelight and conform to facial contours.
5. A rubber casing makes them easy to handle even when wet, and there are also lens caps, eyepiece covers, a neck strap, and a tripod mount.

The Steiner 25x80 Observer Binocular Series Is Easy to Buy
If you have never before made a purchase on the Internet, you are about to discover what you’ve been missing. Visit to find a large selection of Steiner binoculars and discover the joys of armchair shopping:
1. Use your credit card with the same peace of mind that you have in any store. has a secure web site, checked regularly.
2. Comparison shopping is easy – read a customer review and check out consumer reports – ordering is a breeze, and delivery is right to your door.
3. Expect discounts, sales, warehouse prices and bargains in used products. There are full warrantees, no hassle returns, and, yes, gift cards are available.

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Best Selling Steiner 25x80 Observer Binocular

steiner_binocular_imageSteiner 25X80 Observer
List Price: $1199.00
Our Price: $699.00
25x80 Observer Whether glassing the surface of the Earth's moon, or spotting Jupiter's moons, even Saturn's rings, or leaving our Solar System entirely, you will be impressed by bright, clear 25x power.
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