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Steiner 12x40 Safari Binoculars - For Long Distance Viewing

Steiner 12x40 Safari binoculars are built for viewing at great distances and not letting reflections get in your way. These characteristics are great binoculars for bird watching and all outdoor activities. Steiner 12x40 Safari binocular comes with UV blocking optics, which are great for daylight viewing. Steiner has been manufacturing binoculars since it was founded in 1947. Their slogan is “Nothing Escapes These Eyes.”

Steiner binoculars offer the brightness and clarity needed for any expedition. Whether you are on the hot trail of some wildlife or just enjoying the view of the great outdoors these binoculars will bring you closer than you could ever imagine. Steiner uses the highest quality of optical lenses in their binoculars. Field of view is 295 feet at 1000 yards. With an eye relief of 20 mm. Safari binoculars block the glare and protect yours eyes from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. These 12X binoculars have excellent magnification power.

Steiner binoculars are the toughest lightweight binoculars available, weighting in at only 26 ounces. These easy to handle binoculars are built for durability, and made from Makrolon a reinforced polycarbonate material. A must, just in case you drop your binoculars or bump them against something.

Safari binoculars are built for comfort too. Steiner wants you to use your binoculars, not have them sitting around. All their binoculars are adjustable providing the perfect fit. These easy to grip binoculars are ergonometrically designed for extended use.

Do not forget to pick up some accessories for your binoculars. How about a binocular tripod, carrying case and cleaning supplies?

All Steiner’s binoculars are guaranteed against internal fogging, are weather resistant and come with a 10 year limited warranty for mechanical and performance defects.



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