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Steiner 12x40 Predator Binoculars - On the Prowl

When you are on the hunt Steiner 12x40 Predator binoculars will have those preying animals within your reach. You will be the predator they fear. A Steiner 12x40 Predator binocular is your survival lifeline. Predator binoculars come with a 10 year limited warranty.

The Predator binoculars weigh in at 26 ounces making them a lightweight binocular. 12x40 models are very durable and are fog proof and waterproof. These binoculars have to stand up to all weather elements and need to withstand the abuse they are going to be put through. Your binoculars are bound to be banged around while lying in the fields, or perched high in a tree or even running though the wooded areas.

Predator binoculars have an eye relief of 20 mm and a field of view of 270 feet at 10000 yards. The high power optics offers brightness and clarity for great performance. The 12x40 binocular lenses have a coating that helps enhance the wildlife colors and block out foliage colors and haze. Nothing can hide from your preying eye now. Steiner’s Predator binoculars have a sports auto focus. This means that once you have set up your binoculars for watching your game, you do not have to adjust them again.

Like a cat on the prowl you have those killer instincts. You can blend into your surroundings, so your prey will not see you.

With Steiner’s hunting binoculars, that once hidden prey is well within your optical viewing range. Now the hunt is on!

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