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Simmons Digital Camera Binoculars - Capture The Moment

Binoculars and a digital camera all in one are a great gift idea. Simmons digital camera binoculars will capture that once in a lifetime view and you will not have to say I wish you were there. Simmons digital camera binoculars offer the magnification and clarity of a binocular and the sharp imagery of a digital camera.

Imagine you’re sitting and watching your child play but the view is not the greatest. So you pull out you Simmons binoculars. Now you can see it up close and capture the expression on their faces as they entertain you. The people next to you are having a hard time seeing but are clicking away with their digital cameras to take the pictures home with them. But you can too. You have binoculars with a digital camera built in. So you can click away just like them and have those memories too. You smile as you know you have the best view. So whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or enjoy indoor events, Simmons is there for you.

So download your digital pictures from your binoculars. Quality images from your Simmons digital binoculars for printing or email to family and friends. Check your images out instantly with the LCD display on the binoculars.

All Simmons digital binoculars come with a carry case, computer software and USB cables so that you can hook your binoculars up to the computer.

Simmons offers a one year warranty on their digital binoculars. They guarantee their binoculars to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Order online and receive great prices and selection because the manufactures have no middleman so it is manufacture to consumer direct. The end result is discount binoculars saving you money and time.



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