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Simmons Camera Binoculars - Just View and Click

Simmons camera binoculars, with their two-in-one facility have a universal appeal to both binocular lovers and camera freaks all over the world. These compact binoculars from Simmons entail a full-featured binocular and an integrated digital camera. Thus with your Simmons camera binocular, you cannot only view an image but can also capture it for the eternity.

The Product Diversity of the Simmons Digital Camera Binoculars

All the digital camera binoculars made by Simmons are designed by Meade and they come with carrying case, USB cable, CD-Rom with both image-capture and editing software.

Some of the camera-binocular models of the Captureview product line by Simmons are:
- Simmons Captureview 8x42 2.0 MegaPixels with LCD
- Simmons Capture View 8x30 3.2 MP with LCD – WP
- Simmons Captureview Cv-4 8X30 2.0 Waterproof Binoculars
- Simmons CaptureView 8x30 1.3 MP Digital Camera Binoculars 
- Simmons CaptureView 8x42 3MP LCD Digital Camera Binoculars

Features of Some Digital Camera Binoculars of Simmons:

Simmons Captureview CV-4 8x30 2.0 waterproof binoculars: This digital camera binocular is compact, waterproof and is capable of capturing long distance images for further downloading and printing. The flashback feature of this model will enable you to record the last 5/10/15 or 20seconds of an event.

Some other features of Simmons Captureview CV-4 8X30 2.0 waterproof binoculars are highly improved optical techniques, 8MB stores up to 20 high-resolution 40 lower-resolution images, plug-n-play feature (no drivers to download images), USB cable, image capture and editing software and secure digital memory card port.

Simmons Captureview 8x30 1.3 MP digital camera binoculars: Simmons 8X30 1.3 MP digital camera binoculars are unique because they allow you to view the action and to capture them in both digital images and streaming video. This model contains 30mm objective lens, high quality optical glass and fully coated optics that deliver bright and sharp images. There are two image resolutions- 1280X960 and 640X480 and the 8Mb memory can store up to 20 high-resolution and 40 lower-resolution images or 30seconds of streaming videos.
Other features include BK7 prism, 2AAA batteries, a field of view of 311ft @1000 yards, 11 mm eye relief, 16ft short focus, flashback feature, USB cable, plug-n-play feature and 1year warranty.



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