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Simmons Binoculars - A Treat For The Curious

Simmons binoculars are sleek, lightweight along with good binocularity performance and affordable price. Moreover, these binoculars are made to last a lifetime with highest quality material under strict quality control standards. If you are a sports lover and desire to be into the action without moving from your seat in the stadium, then here is a bit of good news for you. All your actions can now be magnified within your clear visibility with binoculars from Simmons.

If you love outdoor activities and always want to get into the feel of things, a Simmons binocular is just the right thing for them. The binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen filled to make them endurable to all kinds of weather conditions and the most challenging outdoor activities.

Simmons optical has introduced Prosport binocular, the best binoculars for all sport lovers. These binoculars give you high quality, fully coated optics for bright and clear images. The rubber-coated surface protects it from fumbling hands. Simmons gives you AETEC varieties, which magnify visuals to give a wider and brighter view even in dawn or dusk.

Here are some High Sierra Series that have been introduced by Simmon to meet all your requirements:
- Simmons Master 8x42 Black Rubber
- Simmons Prosport 10x25 Camo RBR
- Simmons Prosport 10x50 Wa Blk RBR
- Simmons 8x42 CaptureView 2.0 MP Digital Binocular Camera, LCD Screen

Simmons digital binoculars have an inbuilt camera, which can record the last 5, 10,15 or 20 seconds of any event without missing any action. These Simmons camera binoculars have accessories like USB cable, C/D ROM with image editing software, neck strap and carrying cases. High quality optical glass and fully coated optics give you bright and clear magnified images. The plug and play feature makes it easy to download the images to your computer.



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