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Pentax Binoculars - Eye-Spy Magnify

From the featherweight and stylish pocket sized designs to the heavy-duty and sturdy full-size models, Pentax binoculars deliver exemplary optical performance and verified reliability. Whether you are at the theatre, or betting at the race-course, or trying to spot the Royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat, Pentax has a binocular that fits the bill.

The Pentax binocular series are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and come with appropriate accessories to make your visual experience flawless. The list elucidated below is only the tip of the iceberg, and Pentax has many more models to suit your optic needs and budget.
· The DCF HR Pentax series are all manufactured with a durable rubber covered exterior finish making them tough enough to stand the rigors of unfavorable weather conditions. The full size Pentax 8x42 DCF HR II Binoculars 62612 is a completely waterproof binocular, is nitrogen purged and ergonomically designed specifically for the professional and serious viewer. The fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission for the best magnified images and true color rendition even in poor light conditions.

· The click-stop diopter adjustments of Pentax DCF HR 8X42 binoculars allows you to lock in your individual settings, so that you get stable views even when the binoculars are subjected to movement.

· Pentax 8x25 UCF X II binoculars 62211 is the coalescence of high-resolution optics and a sleek form with outstanding performance commensurate with its price.
· The 8x25 UCF X II from Pentax offers excellent image quality and viewing comfort for general-purpose binocular applications, including spotting wildlife, spectator sports and for the theater.

· The Pentax sport optics series feature exclusive PentaBrite optical technology to give you the brightest and crispest outdoor images.

· Pentax 20x60 PCF WP II Binoculars are available in 8x40, 10x50, 12x50, and 20x60 powers for convenient focus-free viewing.



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