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Olympus Binoculars - Blend Of Versatility And Convenience

The latest contribution of Olympus in the areas of optical products is a range of high-end magnified binoculars. Known as Olympus binoculars, these stabilized binoculars have earned rave reviews from the global optical experts.

Binocular like other optical equipment is used by the people from all strata of society. Therefore, the choice of the best binoculars depends on the purpose of their utility. Keeping these considerations in view, the Olympus group has classified their binocular products in two broad categories. Thus, Olympus binocular is mainly of two types:
- Professional Binoculars
- Leisure Binoculars

Magnified professional binoculars are divided into two following categories.

Nature: This series of binoculars are founded on the High index Bak-4 porro prism technology. This binocular is an ideal optical aid for discovering the nature as a multihued canvas. Even in poor light conditions, these binoculars fetch you maximum brightness and contrast.

Waterproof: These compact binoculars with ergonomic design are specially targeted at the water sports enthusiasts. Such water resistant binoculars are provided with a sealed, nitrogen-gas-filled construction preventing fog, dirt and condensation.

Leisure Binoculars are divided into four categories according to their places of use.

Nature: Blessed with 30% extra field of view, these DPS I magnified binoculars are extremely durable and quite affordable.

Urban: This extremely lightweight and compact binocular with Multi-coated lenses and PC I technology help the carefree traveler catch the unknown dimensions of urban life with utmost convenience. The binocular easily does this with the help of a centre-focus knob and Built-in dioptric correction.

Culture: This stylish and compact high optic binocular with BaK-4 prisms and multicoated lenses is designed for viewing stage shows.

Sports: With built-in dioptric corrections and Anti-reflective lens coating the DPC, I series from Olympus is supposed to meet all the demands of the sports lovers.



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