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Oberwerk Binoculars - Value Magnified

Oberwerk binoculars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A great many of Oberwerks binoculars are best mounted on a tri-pod or a binocular mount because they are large or have such a high magnification power that every little jiggle is amplified.

An Oberwerk binocular can usually be distinguished by their bulky looks and large lenses. They make many binoculars that are best used for looking at the stars. The one thing they do have though, is great magnification. You can’t see the stars and planets in the night sky without a great deal of magnification.

For instance the Oberwerk 20X90mm binocular can magnify images by 20X. They are made out of metal and coated in rubber armour. These binoculars are incredibly powerful.

Oberwerk also makes some very good binocular telescopes, but they also make some smaller binoculars such as the Oberwerk Mariner series. These binoculars are waterproof and made from solid stuff. They are hand held and come with about an 8X magnification level. You won’t need a mount for these binoculars.

Oberwerk also has some very nice zoom binoculars such as the 10-30X60mm zoom and the even more powerful 12-36X70mm zoom binocular. The 12-36X70mm zoom binocular is very good at gathering light and is ideal for low light conditions.

As you can probably see, Oberwerk has a binocular for most everything.

If you’re looking for a rugged, well designed binocular with awesome magnification capabilities, Oberwerk may be the binocular for you.

Buy and search for all your binoculars online. It is manufacturer to consumer direct so saving can be found. Not only binoculars can be found but all accessories like binoculars mounts, cases, straps and tripods are available as well.



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