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Nikon Stabilized Binoculars - Neutralizes Movers and Shakers

Nikon, one of the leading binocular brands, offers a complete range of sturdy, efficient state-of-the-art binoculars that stabilize magnified images in such a manner that you can visually explore every exquisite detail, under any conditions. Nikon stabilized binoculars are extremely popular for optical magnification from fixed and moving carriers, as well as for situations which merit observations under high magnifications where jerks and vibrations can cause shaky images.

A Nikon stabilized binocular, is a confluence of neoteric optic technology with sleek design and precision manufacturing, delivers sharp images by eliminating or reducing the upshot of shaking and panning. These stable Nikon binoculars are the perfect choice for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, ships, boats and vehicles.

The StabilEyes binocular series are waterproof and fog-proof, and use a gimbaled servo system that counteracts vibration to lead you into the electrifying new world of stability in binocularity. The optic lenses are fully multicoated and prisms are phase-correction coated to give you unsurpassable clarity and resolution in viewing. 

- Nikon StabilEyes VR 14 x 40 stabilized binoculars are powered by 4 AA batteries to provide 14x magnification view that is unaffected by tremors and vibrations. These binoculars have a full 5 degrees of vibration compensation and the dual mode system facilitates usage on land as well as for air or marine use.

- Nikon VR 12x32 StabilEyes offers stable, high magnification viewing in a lighter weight, more compact package than the 14X40.

- The waterproof and fog-proof Nikon 16x32 StabilEyes binoculars are perfect for steady nature watching or astronomical studies.

- Nikon's newest stabilized binoculars, the 12x32 StabilEyes Team Realtrees, are a must-have for the outdoors. The compact binocular offers edge-to-edge image sharpness and top-notch performance.



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