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Nikon Action Binoculars - Well Made And Durable

Nikon is known for their durable, well made binoculars. The Nikon action binocular is no different. For about a hundred dollars, you can buy a pair of Nikon action binoculars  and not worry that they will break or give you low quality binocularity. Why pay hundreds of dollars, when you don’t have too?

The Nikon action is made to give you a wide field of view. Nikon actions are made using Bak-4 prisms to give you high quality viewing. The action series also has a diopter control on the right lens. This control helps the viewer to compensate for right and left eye differences.

There are two makes in the Action series. One offers a 7X35 and the other an 8X40 magnification level. While the Action series can’t offer you the same magnification levels as say, the Nikon zoom binoculars, they are made more for wide shots than zoom.

The Action binocular also performs pretty well under low light conditions, although not as good as some other brands of binoculars available on the market.

The Nikon Action series was made for durability. They were also made with your pocket book in mind. You can pick up a Nikon Action Binocular for the fraction of the price of other similar types of binoculars.

They look nice too. They have a rather large gap between the two lenses, to compensate for the larger adjustment button, but other than that they resemble most other binoculars. They are made in different colours, with green being the colour most produced.

Because Nikon is made with superior binocularity, and you don’t have to break the bank to buy a pair, It’s no wonder that Nikon is one of the most popular names around.

Other great binoculars offered by Nikon are the Nikon Travelite binoculars. This series is great for everyday viewing.



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