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Night Vision Binoculars - How Exactly Do They See In The Dark?

Night vision is not exactly a new technology but the world really became exposed to it during the first Gulf War.  With the ability to see in the dark, our soldiers had an advantage over the enemy during nighttime operations.  The ability to see things at night is now no longer limited to our military.  Thanks to advancements in technology, night vision binoculars are now available to the rest of us at reasonable prices. 

Paying for night vision binocular technology might seem silly to those who don't understand why they would need to see things during the nighttime.  After all, who among us really needs a set of binoculars that provide vision in the dark?  But hunters know that they must be up before the sun rises in order to be in position to take down game such as deer and anything that can help them see in the nighttime will be a huge advantage.  Plus, anyone working in security or as a private detective will definitely benefit from binoculars that allow them to pierce the night and allow them to see. 

This New Technology - How Does It Work?

The ability to see objects in the nighttime - even when it is pitch dark - is made possible by electronics and does not rely upon optics like traditional binoculars.  So when you are looking through a set of binoculars that provide vision even though it is dark outside, you are not actually looking at the object itself.  No, this is not an optical illusion either!  What you see through the binoculars is an amplification of the object that is projected upon a phosphorus screen - this is the secret behind night vision.  Before we discuss this projected image, let's talk about what the binoculars are actually doing first to allow you to see at night.

The human eye is made up of rods and cones that enable it to see and provide us with vision.  We primarily use cones at night but our ability to actually see something is limited by the number of these cones.  Although it may seem impossible to see things during certain nighttime conditions, the fact remains that other animals can navigate just fine thanks to a superior eye design.  The technology behind night vision simply amplifies the light that is already present so that we can make out an image even though it is pitch dark outside.  Binoculars with night vision capabilities can actually see or detect both visible light and infrared light.

The phosphor screen used in night vision technology allows us to see an image in the nighttime and it works basically just like a television screen.  Now the optics of the binoculars do still magnify images but you cannot really see anything except the amplification of that image on the phosphorous screen.  Night vision relies upon a green phosphorous screen to illuminate an image because green is the color that the human eye can see the most shades of.  This allows the binoculars to provide the clearest picture of the nighttime despite having only one color available.  A person can see the outline of a tree as dark green while the background images are viewed in lighter shades.  Infrared binoculars use an accessory illuminator to increase the light of the infrared spectrum and allow us to see even better at night than traditional binoculars with night vision technology.

Now the ability to see an image during the nighttime with a pair of binoculars does not come cheaply.  Not only are optics involved, but also some expensive electronic equipment which is why binoculars with night vision technology are more expensive than traditional binoculars.  Online merchants are the best option when trying to find night vision technology because they have a greater selection and lower prices than traditional stores.  This website is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to find the best binoculars with night vision technology available at the lowest prices.  So for anyone looking to see in the dark and bring the technology of night vision home with them at the most affordable prices - even if you are just looking for some cheap night vision binoculars! - this website is the place to find the binoculars that are right for you!



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