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Miyauchi Binoculars - Perfect For Astronomy

Miyauchi binoculars are one of the best makes of binoculars when it comes to observation and astronomy and with its 45 degree angle a miyauchi binocular will allow you to view the stars with ease.

Seeing The Stars With Miyauchi

The Miyauchi range of binoculars includes the miyauchi BS-100iB a highly portable binocular that comes in a compact and lightweight style.  These binoculars have a 100mm fluorite apo and their 45 degree angle allows you to view with ease.  The excellent fluorite objectives help to deliver high contrast APO images of objects deep in space.  Using long eye relief oculars Miyauchi has also made viewing easier and delivers a 2.5” field view for all users.  You can also purchase a binocular eyepiece for the Miyauchi range of binoculars that comes in a 26x or for a more magnified view there is the 37x binocular eyepiece.  These BS-100iB binoculars will deliver the maximum binocular performance in light compact binoculars and can be used for all you observation needs.

The Miyauchi BS-77iB is another highly portable binocular with a 45 degree angle view.  These semi-apochromaic binoculars are compact in size and are by far the best when it comes to observation binoculars.  The BS-77iB make from Miyauchi uses a four element Petzval semi-apochromatic objective which helps to deliver sharp high contrast images and these binoculars are ideal for viewing deep sky objects.  The BS-77iB binoculars also comes with interchangeable oculars which help to set these binoculars apart from their binocular competitors.

Available in waterproof and shockproof models, binoculars from Miyauchi are the best when it comes to star gazing.



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