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Meade Digital Camera Binoculars - The New Age in Binocular Technology

Among the whole lot of digital camera binoculars, Meade is a name to be reckoned with. The launching of high-tech Meade digital camera binoculars announces the beginning of a new episode in digital camera binocularity.

Some selected Meade digital camera binocular models are:

Meade Capture View 8x22 compact VGA
The specialty of these binocular cameras is their VGA resolution and the 16MB of internal memory. It can store up to 80 still images or 200 seconds of video. Fully coated 22mm optics help produce bright and sharp images. These digitally advanced Meade binoculars provide perfect views for concert, travel and sports.

Meade 8x30 Capture View
This Meade stylish model comes complete with the precision-ground and polished 30mm objective lenses, the 1.3 mega pixel digital camera and optional SD memory cards. This compact low weight binocular camera is ideal for both indoor and outdoor observation of general sight-seeing as well as critical inspection and investigation work.

Meade CaptureView 8x42
This high performing binocular with a digital camera is the combination of a roof prism binocular along with a 2.0-megapixel digital camera. The digital camera has 32MB internal memory and Flip-up color LCD screen and flashback feature saving the last 20 seconds of any video recording. The binocular provides super-bright images even in low light with large, 42mm fully coated objective lenses.

Water Resistant Meade CaptureView 8x30
This model is the combination of a full-size roof prism binocular with a 2.0-mega pixel digital camera. This binocular is easy to transfer and suitable for editing pictures on the computer. This Meade model is perfect for such outdoor sports as boating, rafting or wild life watching.



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