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Meade Camera Binoculars - Pictures Without The Hassle

Tired of the phrase wish you had of been there, you should have seen it, well not anymore thanks to Meade camera binoculars. With a Meade camera binocular you can take the pictures you want when you want them without having to reach for your digital camera.

Great Pictures With Binoculars

The revolutionary new camera binoculars from Meade lets you capture your viewing pleasure in both digital stills or video clips. Using the flashback feature on these binoculars you can save the last 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds of any recording and view it as instant replay. These Meade digital camera binoculars let you record that record breaking home run or the flight of the bald eagle you have been tracking.

The full range of Meade binoculars includes the new Meade captureview 8x30 water resistant binoculars with a built in digital camera allowing you to film whilst on your wild water adventure. This captureview 8x30 2.0 digital camera binoculars are the latest in digital binocular technology combining high performance, roof prism binoculars with a 2.0 mega pixel digital camera allowing you to capture digital pictures or digital video whilst being waterproof.

The generation 2 CV-4 Meade captureview 8x30 2.0 binoculars goes one step further and has 30mm multi-coated objective lenses which deliver super bright images along with a color LCD screen to let you see the pictures you have taken. Meade digital camera binoculars also come with an SD/MMC memory slot to add to your binocular image storage capacity.

Whether it’s boating, action sports, concerts or nature studies these Meade binoculars provide you with the greatest detail both visually and digitally.



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