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Leica Rangefinder Binoculars - High Quality Optical Performance

A rangefinder and binocular all built in to one. Leica Rangefinder binoculars provide high quality optical performance. The Leica Rangefinder binocular also provides advanced laser technology.

These Leica binoculars are perfect for hunters. These binoculars are lightweight and compact with a hinge in the middle so you can fold them up and put them away. Leica binoculars are very durable and withstand the weather elements. The rangefinder binoculars from Lecia have a built in laser rangefinder that will tell you how far you are away from your target. You expect the best from your binoculars especially if you plan on viewing for long periods of time.

No more having to take two devices with you. Now you can concentrate on the task at hand. Finding your target and then at a click of a button know if it is in your range of firing. The scan mode on the binoculars allows for quick readings. No more waiting for the unit to reset. Could you imagine being perch up in a tree and having to use your hunting binoculars, a rangefinder and your gun? That’s too many items to be worried about. By the time you find your target with your binoculars, then pull out the rangefinder to find the range of the target, and then line your gun up, it just might be too late. Just think of all the noise you would be making moving around doing these different tasks. You could scare off the wildlife around you. Should this happen you’ll be sure to be going home empty handed.

Range Finder binoculars by Leica come with full international warranty coverage. So no matter where you are your rangefinder binoculars will be covered as outlined on the warranty card.



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