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Jason Binoculars - A Spectacular Choice For Powerful Viewing 

The different makes of Jason binoculars can be used for different events like sports or concerts. The different models available have various features and the Jason binocular model number is dependent on the power of binocularity of the binocular like 7x35, 7x50, 8x25, 10x50, and 12x50.  The first number shows how much can it magnify and the second shows the lens diameter.

All the binoculars of the Jason make are focus free, the lens is fully coated and the design is porro. The distance for close focusing is variable making the image clearer which is an optical delight to the viewer.

The binocular company Jason was established in 1947 in Kansas City and was bought by Bushnell in 1992. People still cherish the binoculars and telescopes of the Jason brand. Most of the features of the Jason specific binocular are incorporated in the new Bushnell models.

The 'InstaFocus' legacy of the Jason make continues in the Bushnell models like PermaFocus.

The uniqueness of the Jason brand lies in the fact that the eye relief distance is longer and makes you view the image even through glasses. Most of the binoculars of the Jason make are tripod compatible.  The best thing about magnifying devices is that they are not very steep on the wallet.

The binoculars made by Jason are in most cases quite expensive. Thus, it is always wise for a consumer to opt for a wholesale binoculars made by Jason. A trusted binocular distributor will however help you to make a worthy choice and prevent you from sacrificing Jason quality.



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