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Infrared Binoculars - Won't Leave You In The Dark

Infrared binoculars, also known as night vision binoculars are an ideal, even essential addition to the pack of any serious caving or camping enthusiast as well as to anyone interested in observing or photographing nocturnal wildlife activity. An infrared binocular has infra red illuminators that provide for a better quality of magnification.

Not just for night-time use

While infrared monoculars are still popular in many circles, choosing binocularity will greatly reduce the risk of eyestrain. With the use of binoculars both eyes are able to fully adjust to the night vision scene and benefit from magnification rather than having one eye still attuned to a non-magnified scene and relying on ambient lighting. For wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and birdwatchers who often find the flurry of activity occurring in the natural world hard to see even with the magnification of binoculars in the twilight times of dusk and dawn, and who would find the charming night-time antics of bats, birds and racoons invisible to the naked, or even magnified eye will now be able to find that with the use of modern infrared technology they are able to have a clear view, magnified images that otherwise would have been missed with normal binoculars.

Caving enthusiasts will find these binoculars that use infrared technology of great benefit. Whereas using a flashlight after your eyes have begun to adjust to the ambient light can render the user momentarily unable to see while waiting for their eyes to re-adjust, and be cumbersome to hold. Using state of the art infrared technology that can be mounted on headgear and used as night-vision goggles can be an excellent and safer alternative.

The infrared of these binoculars however, can also be of great benefit at other times of the day, such as when your expedition encounters heavy fog.  Infrared technology is also very popular in military binoculars.



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