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There are a number of features available on hunting binoculars to consider choosing when trying to make a purchase as there is a big difference between a pair of binoculars used for magnify targets for hunting and those used for birding. While all binoculars magnify the object being viewed, the specific features chosen will be dependent upon whether used for hunting, birding, or some other activity. Some people mistakenly believe that there is little difference between a pair of binoculars made for birding and a pair made for hunting, the truth is that these are two very different kinds of binocular and each has advantages and features that make it ideal for one activity or the other. In order to understand the difference, you have to know the basic optical features of a pair of binoculars.

The Numbers - They Do Matter

Any hunting binoculars review should begin with a basic explanation of what numbers like 8 X 25 mean to the optics of those binoculars. The number on the left is the magnification made possible by the optics of the binoculars. So, an 8 on the left is how many times the binoculars magnify that bird you are looking at through the optical system. The number on the right is known in the optical world as the objective lens diameter. Basically, this is the size of your lens and it is measured in millimeters and it is very important to your optics. In the world of the hunting binocular, the larger the objective diameter, the better – the same also happens to be true for the binoculars used for birding as well.

The reason you want to go hunting for birds or other game with a pair of binoculars that have a larger objective diameter is because they can be used in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn—times when most bird hunting occurs and necessary to take into account when designing an optics system. The larger the lens, the brighter the bird will be in the optical system. Now some compact binoculars do have a specialized coating on the lens which enhances the optics and actually helps capture more sunlight. But, all things being equal, the hunter will want to go with a larger lens and the enhanced optics that go with it to see birds and other game as clearly as possible.

The Features - Which Ones Do I Choose?

Unlike binoculars only used for birding, a hunter will want some range finder binoculars. While it isn’t necessary to know the distance between you and a bird that you might be watching if birding, the hunter may need to adjust the scope based upon the range between themselves and the bird or game. Binoculars with a range finder feature are preferred by most hunters and are the most important feature to consider after the optics. It works by sending out a laser beam to a bird or whatever the target may be. That beam is bounced off the bird and then sent back to the range finder binoculars which have a chip in them to help calculate distance. This feature is especially useful for hunters of quail and other game birds as the guns used in this type of hunting do not have scopes on them.

Another feature that any hunting binoculars review would most likely recommend for hunting is night vision and the enhancements it brings to the optical capabilities of the hunter. The optics behind night vision have more to do with electronics than lenses. While night vision binoculars will magnify the image just like normal binoculars, the person does not look at the bird or game itself. Instead, night vision binoculars produce an electronically enhanced bird that is displayed on a phosphorous screen. Although you are not looking directly at the bird or target, night vision binoculars do indeed help hunters navigate through the dark which is when a lot of deer hunting occurs.

The optics required for hunting are similar to those needed for bird watching as both require large lenses to help make the image as bright as possible. However, the features needed by hunters on their binoculars vary greatly from those used by a bird watcher. Range finding and night vision are both optical enhancing options that are useful to many hunters because of the low light conditions in which most hunts occur. Online merchants provide hunters with expert advice and superior selection and pricing making them a superior choice to most traditional retail outlets.

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