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Nothing can parallel your experience of observing a far away object with the high powered binoculars. These powerful binoculars extend the scope of spotting objects. Any kind of observation, be it whale watching or taking the glimpse of night sky, high power binoculars ensure highest possible optical satisfaction.

Because of their exceptional optical performances, the price of a high powered binocular is generally higher than the other types of binoculars. But a high power binocular is a lifetime investment, which can be a family asset for many generations to come.

With a centre focus and interchangeable eyepieces, this binocular is ideal for prolonged observation of a full field of view and are used as military binoculars.

In terms of performance, price and size, the top selling high power binoculars are manufactured by these three companies; Fujinon, Miyauchi and Monk.

The Miyauchi binoculars are supposed to be the most user friendly and ideal for long range terrestrial viewing. The Monk binoculars are waterproof with multicoated lenses offering greater light transmission and ideal for both astronomical and terrestrial use. The Fujinon binoculars are characterized by such features as ED lens, higher light condensing power, higher magnifying power and ideal for exacting observations in specialized fields.

With high magnification, these binoculars are ideal for a vast range of activities like plane spotting, sea watching, coast guarding or wild life watching.


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