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When it comes to serious sporting activities you need high power binoculars allowing you to keep ahead of your competitors. Serious sports need serious binoculars and a high power binocular will give you the added advantage.

Providing Extra Power

When it comes to choosing your binoculars the higher the magnification the more power your binoculars will have. The magnification of binoculars is described using a pair of numbers such as “7x50”. The first number represents the magnification of the binoculars, 7x will tell you that whatever you choose to look at with your binoculars will be magnified and appear seven times closer. The higher the magnification you choose for your binoculars the closer the image you are viewing will appear.

Variable power or zoom binoculars are also available such as 7-21x50. These high powered binoculars will almost always perform better at the low power setting and this is due to the fact that the front objective is not able to enlarge to allow more light as the power in the binoculars is increased and therefore the view from these binoculars gets dimmer.

When choosing binoculars higher power may sound like a very good idea but often higher power can result in blurred views. 7x is the most commonly chosen power in binoculars and is excellent in binoculars for bird watching and military binoculars.

The power of your binoculars will also affect the brightness and when choosing your power it must be balanced against your other binocular characteristics.

The objective lens diameter or the second number in the 7x50 refers to the diameter of your binocular lens. 50 will tell you that the lens diameter for this particular binocular is 50mm and this is deemed quite large for hand held binoculars.

High powered binoculars can range from 7x50 up to 25x60 but it is important to remember that the higher the power the harder it can be to focus your binoculars.

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Other high-power binoculars may have excellent optics, but they can also - quite literally - be a pain in the neck. The Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiants, though, weigh in at just 4.4 pounds, light enough to take any where.
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