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Galileo Camera Binoculars - View And Capture The Image For Eternity

In today's hi-tech world, Galileo, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of binoculars, present the highly functional and technically advanced product - Galileo camera binoculars.

Apart from the Galileo camera binocular, Galileo also produces porro-prism binoculars, wide-angle binoculars, zoom binoculars, roof-prism binoculars, mini-compact binoculars, high power binoculars and so on.

The Galileo products and their specialties

Galileo has a wide range of products including the highly useful binocular camera products and all of them come with a lifetime warranty.

Galileo C-2060 Astronomical binocular is a water resistant binocular and has features like fully coated optics, fold down rubber eyecups, rubber armoring, etc.

The new digital camera binoculars from Galileo are of high quality but are simple to use. These are technically advanced products, all you need to do is look through the camera binoculars, press a button, and you will get the exact photograph of what you see. These range of camera binocular products from Galileo include GRBC .3 Mega Pixel digital binocular camera, GRBC 1.3 Mega Pixel 8MB SD memory digital camera binoculars and GRBC 2 Mega Pixel 8 MB SD memory digital binoculars.

Some of the special features of the aforesaid Galileo binoculars are wide variety of memory card slots, field of view of 368 feet at 1000 yards, 8X magnification, close focus of 5 meter, optimum range of 15 meter to infinity, USB cable, image processing software and so on.

It is mention worthy that the first binoculars were adapted from Ignatio Porro's telescope which contained two prisms, an objective lens and an eye piece.



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