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Fujinon binoculars range from the simple ever day to night vision binoculars to the techno-stabilized ones and astronomical binoculars offering highly magnified images to marine binoculars with distortion free optical clarity. The latest lineups of Fujinon made binoculars seem to be sweeping the market. This binocular wholesale popularity of the Fujinon brand is as much owing to the hardy and ergonomic make of the binoculars as their excelling performance.

The Fujinon binocular product line consists optical instruments that are tough, shockproof, waterproof, sink proof and hence can take the rigors of outdoor and marine activities. Binocular mounts are usually not a part of the package but are sold separately by Fujinon which helps keep your binoculars steady for the perfect image. Warranty coverage is available on most of Fujinon's optic systems.

Listed below are specifications of some of the most outstanding binoculars from Fujinon's product line - something that is sure to help the buyers with their decision:

· Air Drop - This lightweight field glass is the world's toughest binocular and can withstand a shock of up to 200G (G is the force of gravity). The multicoated optics use aspheric lenses for visual precision and are well guarded.

· 15 X 80 MT - One of the most powerful binoculars of the Fujinon make, it is great for astronomical observation. The anti-reflection coating (Electron Beam Coating) of the optics helps produce sharp images.

· 10x42 BFL - A first-rate model from Fujinon's Birding Series is perfectly easy to handle and is perfectly suited for the purpose.

· HB 10x60 - One among world's brightest yet affordable binoculars belongs to Fujinon's HB Series of hunting binoculars.

These apart, Fujinon's Marine binoculars - Mariner XL, Nautilus A or Polaris, etc. are great for under-water and above-water viewing. Similarly, the SX series binoculars with their special EB Coatings provide brightness as good as any electronically amplified optical systems and make for clear viewing even in the dark. The Techno-Stabi binoculars, on the other hand, do not simply magnify images but give them stability for the perfect image.



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