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Digital Binoculars - Are You For Real?

The digital world seems to be taking everything over so it should be no surprise that it now is now being used to enhance your binoculars!  Although digital binoculars still have a ways to go before their full potential is realized, they are already changing the way you think of binoculars - but is digital better?  While the basic optics remain the same as those used in conventional binocular applications, the new features made available with this exciting new digital technology are allowing viewers to share and capture what they see while out bird watching or hunting to share with friends and family later - digitally, of course.

One of the biggest advantages users of digital binocular technology is the ability to capture digital images in much the same manner as a digital camera.  A built-in memory cache can store the digital images viewed through the binoculars so that they can be downloaded to a computer at a later time for viewing after software converts the digits into images that we can actually see!  Saved images can even be digitally enhanced with the proper software so that red eye, glare, and brightness can all be adjusted for best optical quality. 

It is also possible to capture live footage just like our cell phones are capable of doing making these digitally enhanced binoculars truly unique in the binocular universe.  Whereas bird watchers could only tell their fellow bird lovers about a rare find, they can now share digitally-either in images or in video segments - in the excitement in a way never possible before the development of these revolutionary binoculars.  The digital world is truly changing everything-ven our binoculars and the way we use them!

The Digital Images - Are They The Same As Conventional Binoculars?

This is a tricky question because the answer is both yes and no.  Essentially, the new wave of binoculars relying on digital technology have the same optics as conventional binoculars.  So, optically speaking, there is little difference.  The optics in both conventional and digital versions of binoculars still rely on lenses and prisms to attract light and project an image and like all binoculars they magnify images in the distance. 

The main difference is that digital camera binoculars do not capture and display the digital image as it is seen through the eye pieces.  Due to memory constraints and the newness of technology in the world of digital camera binoculars, your friends will see things a bit fuzzier than you do.  It is basically useless to try and capture digital images in low light conditions because the quality of the image will be so poor as to disappoint anyone viewing them.  If the binoculars come with an LCD screen that shows you how the digital image will appear when viewed, that is a great feature to have as it prevents you from wasting memory on bad digital images.  But be careful not to keep the LCD screen on too long as it drains the batteries from your digital camera binoculars.

What you really want to watch out for when buying one of these pairs of binoculars using digital technology is the pixel count.  The number of pixels used to make a digital photograph determine picture clarity.  Camera binoculars that have less than one mega pixel will produce digital pictures and video clips that are grainy, making it hard to see objects at a distance or in less than ideal lighting conditions.  Digitally altering a picture or video clip taken with your camera binoculars will help some, but not enough.  The other thing to really watch out for when buying these new age binoculars is the amount of memory available for digital pictures and clips while still keeping in mind that the optics will be enhanced with a larger objective lens diameter as this allows more light and produces brighter images.  The digital video recording tend to eat up a lot of memory so you want to be sure and immediately download them and the digital pictures immediately after use to free up space on the binoculars.

Although the digital technology still has some room for improvement, the fact remains that it is the wave of the future.  Online retailers are the best place to shop for digital camera binoculars because they offer the advice and tips you need to buy the best binoculars for you.  Plus, they offer a wider variety at lower prices than the traditional binocular retailers due to their low overhead and limitless inventory so they are the place to look for these new digital wonders.



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