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Compact Binoculars Review - Small Is Useful As Well As Beautiful

Compact binoculars the convenient modern alternative to the traditional heavy bulk of binoculars of the past. Discover which compact binocular is best for you with a compact binocular review.

As Small As A Cassette Tape?

Obviously one of the best places to obtain trusted compact binoculars reviews is from an acquaintance or fellow enthusiast. Next time you see a fellow bird watcher, rambler, photographer or hunter using a set of compact binoculars – simply ask them for their honest review on the make and model of binoculars they are currently using and if they have ever used another in the past.

There are almost as many varieties of compact binoculars as there are binoculars themselves and these include swift binoculars and alpen binoculars. Although small and compact, these binoculars are no less powerful or correct and tend to offer as tight focusing as their larger counterparts.

The compact alpen binoculars feature a design based weight reduction and feature considerably smaller objective lenses and prisms housed in a lightweight yet resilient outer body designed to weather the toughest conditions. The Alpen 10 x 25 are ideal binoculars for either camping or bird watching and feature a close focus distance of 9ft with a field view range of 304 ft. at 1,000 yards and weighs just .52 lbs.

The Swift Instruments Ultra Lite 10x42 Porro Waterproof binocular is ideal for anyone anticipating a thoroughly wet environment. This compact binocular is the first binocular to utilise a combination of two different types of rubber for increased shock absorption with a hard outer rubber shell for durability and a softer interior rubber for ergonomic handling.

An added durable waterproof protection makes these swift binoculars perfect for shoreland birdwatchers and marine applications. The Swift 10x42 binocular has a 13ft close focus range and a field view range of 341 ft. at 1,000 yards and weight of just 25oz.



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