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Carson Binoculars - Super Zoom

Carson binoculars are fairly cheap, yet they are a quality binocular. Probably the best make of Carson binocular on the market today is the Carson Z80 with super zoom. These super space aged looking binoculars have a magnification of anywhere from twenty to eighty. This means that you can blow up whatever you’re viewing to eighty times their actual size. That’s pretty powerful for a little binocular. It doesn’t have to be a big binocular to have big magnification power.

The Carson zoom uses Bak-4 prisms and have multi coated lenses which help with clarity.

According to some of Carson’s binocular reviews, the biggest complaint is that at eighty 80X magnification, the field of view is pretty narrow. Also, you will need a tri-pod, because when the view is that magnified, every movement is magnified as well.

Carson’s trail finder binocular is equipped with a built-in digital compass. This comes in very handy when exploring the wilderness. You can’t find this feature on very many other makes of binocular. The Carson trail finder binocular is only twelve ounces, but is big on binocularity.

Most binocular reviews agree that Carson is known for binocular innovation. Many binocular enthusiasts check out what Carson’s has to offer before looking at other name brands.

Carson products are very easy on the pocket book too. Carson zoom binoculars for example is only about one hundred and thirty dollars.

Yes you read the price right. Only one hundred and thirty dollars, for a binocular which offers 80X magnification.

It’s always a wise choice to check out what Carson has available for you.



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