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Canon Binoculars - Assurance Of Image Stability

For the serious viewers, the shaking magnified images are often a cause of irritation. The solution can be found in Canon binoculars, an expert at image stabilization and easy focus.

The unique feature of a Canon binocular is its outstanding digital image stabilization capabilities, which help to magnify the image most flawlessly. The Canon made binoculars are also very easy to handle with a textured rubber coating ensuring a non-slip grip and you can access the center-mounted focus or Image Stabilizer controls with either of your hand.

In order to understand the uniqueness of Canon 15x50 image stabilized Binocular you must understand image stabilization. With more magnified image in the binocular the shaking of the image is also more. By containing image shake, the Canon Image Stabilizer makes the magnified images look steady to the eyes.

In the image-stabilized binoculars made by Canon, motion in any direction is detected by vertical and horizontal gyros. A microcomputer calculates the amount of shake, which is then counteracted either by a set of Vari-Angle Prisms or by a Tilt mechanism. The whole method produces a clear and steady magnified image.

The Canon image stabilized binoculars and auto focus binoculars are available in compact and waterproof models.

Canon Compact

These ultra compact binoculars are so lightweight and sleek that you can carry them within your pocket to almost everywhere, from opera, to bird watching to sports or for any non-specific viewing.

Canon WaterProof

These waterproof binoculars from Canon are specially designed for the purposes of bird watching and hunting. Weighing only 27 ozs this Canon 8x32WP binoculars can be used in any kind of weather in rain or snow and produces sharp image in a smaller sized package.



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