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Canon 15x50 Image Stabilized Binocular - Stability and Dependability

Canon a name you can trust. For an outstanding optical instrustment Canon 15x50 Image Stabilized binocular is the one to use. Canon 15x50 Image Stabilized binoculars offer the outstanding quality you’ve come to expect from the Cannon name.

Canon All Weather Binoculars

Canon binoculars are made for extended use. These binoculars are ergonomically designed for ease of handling and come with a non slip coating. The field of view for these binoculars is 236 feet at 1000 yards and has an eye relief of 15mm. Powered by 2 AA batteries stabilized binoculars can be used for about 2.5 hours. The Canon 15x50 binocular provides a wide field of view with the 50mm objective lenses.
These lightweight 15x50 binoculars weight in at 41.7 ounces and are compact. Size and weight of Canon’s stabilized binoculars is achievable by eliminating the standard prisms used in most binoculars and replacing them with image stabilizer optics known as Vari-Angle Prisms.
Without the aid of a tripod most binoculars image viewing is unstable. But now with new technology at a push of a button your image will be clear and stable. Stabilized binoculars compensate for those shaky hands caused from extended use, weather elements or just movement during viewing.

No more adjusting your binoculars while watching your images move around. You can move with them anticipating their next move. So whether you are far away or close to your image, Canon binoculars have the power to magnify your view so you can feel like you’re actually part of the action.



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