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Bushnell Legend Binoculars - Great For Outdoors

Bushnell Legend binoculars are designed for hunters in mind. These binoculars are solid in construction providing hunters with the binocular durability needed in the rough terrain. A Bushnell Legend binocular is compact and lightweight for easy handling. Bushnell binoculars are great for any outdoor enthusiast.

The Legends series of binoculars offer powerful magnification with crystal clear optics. Bushnell Legend has a rain guard that will prevent your binocular lenses from fogging up and the binoculars are O-Ringed sealed making them waterproof. Legends will provide performance from dusk to dawn or rain or shine. All lens surfaces have a special anti-reflection coating on them. UV protection coating can be found on all Legend optical lenses.

The rubber amour on these binoculars provides a secure grip and protection to the binoculars in case you accidentally drop them or bang them around. This rubber amour also protects the Bushnell binoculars from all weather elements. This binocular amour comes in the standard black color or can come in a camouflaged look to be able to blend in with the surroundings. Legend binoculars come in a variety of sizes, from compact to full size. 

The focus wheel is large enough with indentations for easy adjustments and is located in a good position on the binocular bridge. Only small adjustments are needed for optical magnification changes.

Twist-up eyecups make these binoculars comfortable for people with eyeglasses. Long eye relief allows for you to hold the binoculars farther away from your face without affecting the view.

Bushnell Legends come with a lifetime warranty with proof of purchase for the original owner. Bushnell also provides great customer support.

Other great binoculars make by Bushnell are camera binoculars, which have a camera built in, Bushnell digital binoculars are digital and can be used with you computer and Bushnell digital camera binoculars have a digital camera built into the hardware and is great if you want to take pictures and download them to your computer.



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