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Bushnell Digital Camera Binoculars - Hold Infinity In Your Palm

When you think of binoculars you think Bushnell. With 50 years of experience behind, Bushnell digital camera binoculars have something for everybody who wants to see far. Be it the sports freak in you or the nature lover or everyday stuff - with Bushnell digital binoculars your every wish is satisfied as never before.

The Image View 10x25 Bushnell digital camera binocular is to be seen to be believed.  You can carry this digital camera binocular from Bushnell in your pocket with as much ease as you can see the rose on the next hilltop. A compact, 0.35 megapixel digital camera with an internal memory that holds 80 pictures at high resolution and 300 at low resolution makes it possible for you to shoot that rose, save it and use it on the next valentine day. Flawless digital quality makes the pictures real as real can be.

If you are crazy about birds then you really have to be one in life to give the Bushnell Instant Replay camera binoculars a miss. An Instant Replay 8x32 camera binocular from Bushnell has just the close focus (11 feet) and the field of view (314 feet at 1000 yards) you need to give your Sunday bird-watching hobby the professional edge. Instant replay video loops for 30 seconds at 15 fps lets you see what you shoot with your 3.2 megapixel digital camera. A 32 MB internal memory and CF card slot takes care of storage.

Digitally perfect and superb optics make the Bushnell Falcon one for the road. Bushnell Falcon binoculars come in two versions: the 7x35 and the 10x50. State of the art binocularity and uncompromised optical brilliance as in other Bushnell digital binoculars are what they offer, grab them.



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