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Bushnell Digital Binoculars – Digital is Better

Bushnell is one of the most recognized names in binoculars today. Bushnell makes some of the best marine binoculars and camera binoculars. Bushnell digital binoculars are no exception.  Digital binoculars reviews speak highly of the Bushnell’s products.

Bushnell digital binocular offers superior optics, great binocularity and the option to take digital photos of the things that fascinate you most.

A digital binocular will also allow you record things. You can watch your favourite bird take wing, record it, and watch it again and again.
The Bushnell Imageview camera comes with a control panel for easy adjustment. It also has a 8X magnification factor and USB cables, so that you can easily hook the binocular camera into your computer.

The Imageview camera also comes with superior customer service and software.

The digital camera portion of the Bushnell Imagview camera also has its own independent optics system. So you can zoom in to the target on a different or clearer setting than the binocular section. You can digitally enhance the images captured by the digital camera binoculars on your computer, something you can’t do with a camera that uses film.

The Bushnell Imageview digital camera can hold up to eighty high resolution pictures and three hundred low resolution pictures. You can’t do that with a camera that uses film.

If you’re looking for a quality digital camera binocular, Bushnell is worth a second look. They are a trusted name in the binocular industry and their binoculars are sold at a reasonable price.



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