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Binoculars Scope - A Compact Long Distance Precise Viewing Device

Binoculars scope combines a telescope and a binocular into one single device. Thus you get the powerful optical magnification of a telescope and the compact portability of a binocular. These scopes are used for spotting (usually) camouflaged animals while hunting or for astral purposes.

The magnifying power of a scope can be changed at will via a zoom eyepiece. In fact zoom eyepieces fitted in technically advanced binoculars scopes offer outstanding optics and are preferred for bird watching. Moreover, the eye relief in the scope is an irrefutable condition for good binocularity as it gives a good view even if you are wearing glasses.

There are three types of scopes:

- A straight-through scope has the eyepiece and the body of the scope on the same axis. These scopes are easier to use from inside a car.
- An angled scope has the eyepiece positioned at a 45 degrees tilt to the body of the scope. Suitable for tall people, these scopes can be easily adapted to the different heights of people.
- A shoulder-mounted design scope is quite rare to find and is complex in nature

Observation binoculars can be either straight through or angled and according to professionals, the latter is favored. The angled observation binocular needs minimum effort while using and is extremely comfortable too. It is also very compliant allowing easy modification of heights without continually adjusting a tripod. Again, if the observation binocular is specifically designed for viewing the night sky, angled observation binoculars come handy. On the other hand, a straight-through binocular needs constant adjustment of height that makes them very unsteady.



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