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Binocular Telescopes - For A Better View of The Heavens

Binocular telescopes are a telescope that allows the users to make use of both the eyes to see. These comfortably designed binocular telescopes do not require you to strain either your eyes or neck. Quite naturally, the telescoping binoculars are very much in demand among both amateurs and professionals.

Most of the recent, generation binoculars scope are constructed with such precision that they not only magnify the terrestrial and astronomical objects but also provide a wide field of view. These easy to operate optical systems give perfectly merged images.

Many companies have now launched world class telescoping binoculars that come with a variety of binocular accessories.  Some of them are:

- Fujinon Binocular Scope - A heavy-duty telescoping binocular, it provides 210 ft. (at 1000 yards) of field of view.

- JMI RB-66 6" F/5 Reverse Telescoping Binocular - This altazimuth (allowing up and down and left and right movements) mounted reverse telescope lets you see what lies behind. The two eyepieces and two telescopes of this optical system make for perfect binocular viewing.

- National Geographic's Binocular and Telescope Combo - A rather lightweight and easily collapsing scope, its multi-coated optics provides it with great binocularity. A perfectly easy to use model, it comes with a wide range of binocular accessories.  

- Oberwerk 100mm Binocular Telescope - Launched by Oberwerk Binoculars, it is an excellent astronomy binocular. Known for its precise binocularity, it is based on multicoated porro prisms.



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