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Binocular Reviews - Reviewing Reviews Do Help While Purchasing

For you and me, the acknowledged laymen, reviews are the best help in the form of comprehensive, unbiased information on commodities. The same holds for binocular reviews. A binocular review highlights the specific features and prices of various branded binoculars, rating them based on their merits.

The current article attempts to put forward some expert reviewed views for the reader's advantage:

Canon 8x32 WP, priced at about $140, has been rated as the best low-priced binocular in most reviews. In spite of being fairly heavy, its praiseworthy optical performance and 395 ft. of FOV makes it a great general use binocular.

One of the most reviewed binoculars, the Canon 15x50 Image Stabilized binocular is widely acclaimed for its high magnifying capacity. Reviews credit it a continuous running time of approximately 90 minutes. Its shock and water resistant construction and its non-slip rubberized coating make it fit for the rigors of the outdoor schedules.

Right from the compact and lightweight models to the full-size ranges, Celestron binoculars present a complete range. The economical pricing and above-the-average performance guarantees them a place in every review.

Priced at about $50, Konica Minolta 8x25 Water Resistant Sport Mini Binocular is exceptionally lightweight (8.5 ounces). The not too good optics make it unfit for use in low light situations.
Reviewing the Leupold Wind River Katmai 8x32 binocular (price approx. $350), the experts declare it most suited for close viewing.

According to review ratings, the Magnacraft binoculars TM are among the best compact-built binoculars. Their high quality glass optics give clearly defined and clarified views even in glaring sunlight. 

The Miyauchi binoculars' ranges rank high among compactly designed scopes in most reviews. Featuring interchangeable oculars, this optics is great for viewing deep sky objects.

In spite of their small field of view, the Nikon Action Series 10x50 binoculars get high rankings in most reviews. The low price (approx $150) is undoubtedly a consideration; the main reason, however, is the commendable binocularity of the devices at twilight (and that owing to their 50mm diameter lenses).



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