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Binocular Mounts - Hands Free Observation

Some binoculars such as astronomical binoculars cannot be hand-held, so some sort of mount or stand must be used to hold the instrument and allow it to remain balanced for steady binocularity. Binocular mounts allow you to move the binoculars around effortlessly and does away with the arm strain associated with heavy binoculars.

A binocular mount must be designed for weight support and stability. When a mount is used for a heavy or large binocular, the binocular remains pointed where you want it without disturbance due to shaking. Once positioned, the binocular can stay in place for someone else to take a look, or you can move away and come back for another peek without the position being disturbed.

For astronomical views, you can fasten your binoculars to the stand, aim your binocular high overhead while you stand or sit comfortably underneath. To enjoy a pleasurable binocular experience without the frustration of it shaking, vibrating or going out of focus, a mounted binocular is necessary.

Mounts for binoculars are available in a host of designs such as three-arm mount, four-arm mount, tripods, parallelogram mounts, amongst others. Some mounts provide handles, which make it very easy to point the binoculars in the desired direction, and you can easily track moving objects. Many mounts fold into smaller units, making them portable.

Ergonomically designed binocular mounting devices make hands-free usage of your optical instrument a breeze. The inherent design of these mounting devices allows you to rotate and maneuver the binocular equipment in any direction you may require, thus giving you total flexibility and infinite positioning capability, and hours of comfortable viewing.



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