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Binocular Mount - Just Too Big To Handle

Binocular mounts can be useful tools. Sometimes you want to keep a binocular trained on one sight, and if you’re holding it by hand, you’ll find that you shake or have to rest that arm. That’s when a good binocular mount comes in handy.

You can also use a good mount for holding large binoculars in place. Some binoculars are just too large to handle by hand.

Mounts can be particularly useful when using rangefinder binoculars. To get the best range, the binoculars must be held steady and immobile. Just fasten those rangefinder binoculars to a good mount and you’ll be all set.

The only downfall to mounts is that they can be hard to cart around in the bush. Of course, manufacturers know this, and they make small and large mounts to try and suit your mounting needs.

Most of the best binoculars on the market as far as optics and zoom come with mounts. If they don’t, you can always request from the store that you bought your binoculars from to recommend a mount that will meet your needs.

For instance there is the traditional tri-pod mount or the mount that will allow you to fasten the binoculars directly over your eyes. There’s also mounts that will allow you to fasten the binoculars to a stationary object.

While most birders don’t use mounts, most people who look at the stars or study wildlife do use mounts as a means to study their particular interest.

A good mount might cost you a bit more, but they can be well worth it and will complement your binoculars just fine.



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