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Binocular Accessories - They Make Or Break You

After shelling out hundreds, if not thousands, on your new binoculars, most people just want to get out there and use their new toy and not worry about things like parts or accessories.  Who wants to worry about the details and silly parts like spare lens caps when there is so much to see with a new pair of binoculars?  However unnecessary they may seem, binocular accessories are critical to getting the most out of your new binoculars and the best defense against unnecessary wear and tear.

Critical Accessories - The Ones That Protect Your New Investment

The optics are at the heart of any pair of binoculars which is why you must do everything you can to make sure nothing happens to your lenses so be sure to buy any accessories that will help in this cause.  The slightest scratch on a lens part can ruin your viewing enjoyment and compromise the integrity of the optics which is why lens caps are tops on the list of vital accessories.  While your new binoculars no doubt came with lens caps as part of your package, the truth is that most people don’t keep the original pair for more than a year before needing new ones which is why you should think twice before discounting them as unnecessary accessories!  You want to get spare lens caps when you buy your new binoculars and keep it handy as a spare part so that you never have to worry about scratching a lens and ruining your optical system.  The spare lens cap is the one binocular accessory that you do not want to cheap out on because your optics are too important to the functioning of your binoculars!

Next to lens caps, a cleaning kit is probably another accessory that you will be happy to part a few extra bucks on.  Along with wipes, a cleaning kit for binoculars generally comes with a lens pen which is a critical part of this accessory.  This handy little accessory comes with a brush on one end and a rubber tip on the other.  The rubber tip is designed so that it does not dry out and it contains cleaning solution on it that helps remove the dirt and grime that inevitably land on your binocular lenses and other binocular parts during normal use.  Remember, those lenses are the heart and soul of your optics system and any accessories that help keep them free of dirt and debris are well worth the investment.

Although your binoculars should have come with one, a binocular case is another given accessory that you should never part with for any reason.  On long hikes into the woods or even for in the car when traveling, you want to keep your binoculars safe and your parts organized and handy when not in use.  Accessories like the binocular case are nice because not only do they protect your binoculars, they also give you room to store things like field guides and parts like spare lens caps!

Convenient Accessories – The Niceties

Among the accessories considered most convenient is the binocular strap.  No matter how compact your binoculars are the fact remains that you are going to get tired of holding them all day so any accessory that lends a hand is welcome!  Not only does the binocular strap spare your wrists, it also frees up your hands when you are hiking along trails or happen to lose your footing making it a practical accessory for keeping your new binoculars safe.  Although most binoculars come with a strap, be sure to find one that is comfortable to wear if the one supplied doesn’t seem to be doing the trick because an accessory should make things easier, not harder, on you.

Last, but not least, among the convenient accessories for your binoculars is the tripod.  This accessory is a great idea for people who share their binoculars while bird watching or gazing up into the heavens late at night.  Mounting some binoculars on a tripod allows you to find something of interest, step away without changing the optics, and let another look at what you found interesting without having to point them to where you were looking.  Just be sure to find one that is lightweight because you don’t want to lug some clunker around with you all day!  Also, find a tripod with adjustable legs so you can set it up on places where the ground happens to be uneven as this will greatly enhance the usefulness of this accessory. 

The accessories we buy for our binoculars can make or break our viewing experiences.  If you don’t protect your binoculars, then the lenses will become damaged and in turn damage the optics.  Niceties like the binocular strap and tripod make the viewing experience easier to share and bear as you trek to distant locations.  Online merchants are a great place to buy accessories for your binoculars because they have a larger selection than a traditional store which will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for.  Plus, they have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect accessory to make your viewing experience as great as it can possibly be.  Finally, thanks to lower overhead than a normal retail outlet, online retailers will almost always be the less expensive option for your accessories.



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