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Best Digital Camera Binoculars - A View to Remember

Digital camera binoculars are now available from many of the top brands, but how do you ensure that you are buying the best digital camera binoculars?

The Times They Are a Changing

For a long time, the idea of a combined set of binoculars and digital camera seemed gimmicky and were often only available to buy as a low quality gadget or at joke appliance shops. While the idea of a set of binoculars combined with a digital camera worked in theory; the end images were often grainy and disappointing.

Times have now changed and, thankfully, the market has expanded to include most of the major binocular manufacturers resulting in more competition to produce the best digital camera binocular on the market and leading to much innovation in both design features and improved technology.

The latest digital camera binoculars have flip up LCD screens that allow you to instantly view your digital images and offer the same high quality resolution of a regular digital camera, but the addition of the binoculars provide an enhanced optical zoom that no camera on the market can quite match.  The binoculars digital camera is a very welcome addition for most buyers.

The 8x32 3.0MP Barska Digital Camera Binoculars, for example have specifications of 3.0 mega pixels, 16MB built in memory, allowing 36 hi-res images and 250 lo-res images, a flip up LCD view screen and are also capable of filming three minute video clips. Optional additional memory cards are also available for purchase.

Binocular specifications of the Barska 8x32 3.0MP Camera Binoculars include roof prisms, 8x optical magnification, 13.1 foot close focus; a 294foot at 1000 yards field of view and multi coated optical lenses making these digital camera binoculars the ideal binoculars to take along on your next nature trek or to your favourite sporting event.



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