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Bell Howell Digital Camera Binoculars - A Bird Watchers Dream

Bell Howell digital camera binoculars, are both cheap and very useful. These binoculars that also feature a built in digital camera run for about ninety dollars. They are great bird watching binoculars because they have an 8X telescopic lens and a 2X digital zoom and up to 16X magnification. Some people say that they are the best digital camera binoculars on the market today.

Imagine being able to see an object close up with your binoculars and if you see something worth while-or memorable-being able to take a picture without fumbling around for your digital camera. That’s what the Bell Howell digital camera binocular has to offer you.

These camera binoculars can store up to one hundred and sixty pictures, come with a tri-pod mount and neck strap among other features. They have great binocularity and also feature an LCD display.

If you bought this digital camera binocular, you would no longer have to carry around both a camera and a pair of binoculars. No more fumbling and worrying, because you would have both in one convenient, easy to use package.

To top it off, these binocular camera's capture images in 1280X1020 resolution, making them digital masterpieces.

They resemble regular binoculars, except the camera takes up a bit more space in between the two eyepieces.



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