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Barska Binoculars - A Companion in your Outdoor Adventures

If versatility is what you are looking for in a binocular, then your search ends with buying a pair of Barska binoculars.

Ideal for both the amateur and the serious viewers, a Barska binocular is a combination of functionality and convenience. These 100% waterproof and fog proof binoculars are provided with BAK-4 prisms and fully coated optics.

These sturdy binoculars of the Barska make are mainly available in six designs, namely:

The Barska Atlantic series binoculars have been named so for their wide-ranging features. These extremely affordable high quality optical systems are great favorites among hunters and outdoor viewers.

Befitting its nomenclature, Barska's Blackhawk series is known for its brilliant optical performance. These all-weather binoculars are extremely strong built and are available in both compact and full-size models.

The next in the line up are Cosmos High Power Binoculars that are ideal for long-distance astronomical and terrestrial observations. The super-large objective lenses of the Cosmos binoculars produce high-powered magnified views even at low-light conditions.

The Barska Focus Free Series comprises optic systems that are great for immediate viewing. This binocular allows a wider field of view instantly without any hassles of focusing. Therefore, next time you go hunting or race watching carry one with you!   

The Barska Gladiator Zoom series with its easily variable zoom is able to provide multiple magnified views in a single binocular.

HuntMaster Series Binoculars are suitable for using in extreme weather conditions by the hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. Extreme close focus distance and wide field-of view are the forte of these rugged and durable binoculars.

The company has recently launched a range of Barska Digital Camera Binoculars and other sporting optics. These sporting binoculars like the Barska X-trailers are great optical accessories while kayaking/skiing or hiking. Barska binoculars  camera
 allow viewing, exploration and image taking in a single unit. Thus, at last you can now take close-ups of the humming bird through the Barska camera binoculars without disturbing it.



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