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Audubon Binoculars - Superior Optics

Audubon binoculars have two different makes. One make is the Equinox, which is a more basic binocular than its cousin the Equinox Audubon binocular. Both are good brands, but the Audubon is the superior binocular in many ways.

The Equinox brand is filled with dry nitrogen so that they won't fog up, and they are also waterproof, which any binocular enthusiast will tell you is a step in the right direction.

The Audubon binocular make is also coated in rubber, making these binoculars sturdy and able to withstand temperature extremes as well as some physical abuse without breaking down.

As far as optics and magnification go, the Audubon stacks up pretty well with other brands on the market today. These binoculars have advanced optical phase correction coating, glare reduction system and they can magnify anything from butterflies to wolves.

These binoculars also come with some nifty extras such as lens covers; neck strap and the Audubon limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re a store owner, you might think about picking some Audubon binoculars up at wholesale prices. Wholesale binoculars are the way to go, if you want to offer even better prices than are currently offered through Audubon.

A single pair of Equinox binoculars is about two hundred and fifty dollars. Not to shabby for a well made, optical masterpiece.

If you are looking for good value for your money, Audubon is definitely a good choice. Check them out for yourself, and see what I mean.



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