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Astronomy Binoculars - For the Amateur StarGazer

While the thought of successful astronomy often conjures up images of giant observatories and expensive telescopes, many amateur astronomers are discovering the more affordable alternative - the use of astronomy binoculars. An astronomy binocular will make you feel as if you are amongst the stars themselves.

A Less Rough Path to the Stars.

While, as the memorial to the ill-fated crew of the Apollo One may read 'Ad astra per aspera' (a rough road leads to the stars) the road to viewing the astronomical wonders for those of us interested in astronomy, is, thankfully, less fraught with danger.

These days, the amateur stargazer need not even spend out exorbitant amounts of money (or living space) on telescopes - the high optical quality provided by an ever-increasing range of astronomical binoculars designed especially for the astronomer include prices that are bound to suit any budget.

There is also another huge advantage to the stargazer choosing binoculars over a telescope - while a telescope, by nature allows you to view the stars only with one eye, the optical advantages of binocularity are multiple, from a decrease in potential eyestrain and squinting induced headaches, to enabling the astronomer to witness a clear view with both eyes and so appreciate the full wonder of the image in view using binoculars.

Many binoculars can also, if desired, be tripod mounted for added ease of use and you can also purchase a binocular telescope. Even if there is no specific attachment built in to your chosen binocular design, an affordable tripod adapter can be purchased.

Magnification ranges for the binoculars do vary from make to make (and from model to model) and which you choose does depend on the type of astronomy you find most of interest. A very good choice of astronomical binoculars is the miyauchi binoculars. Whilst your binoculars may not enable you to view fine detail on planets, these binoculars will be able to clearly show extended nebulae and open star clusters - a view certain to take away the breath of any amateur astronomer.



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